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  • Math mistakes lead government to pay contractors up to 3 times market rate under Davis-Bacon

    Construction workers at companies doing work for the federal government are paid as much as three times what their peers outside of government get for the same work, a Washington Examiner review of federal statistics found.

  • EXography: Federal agency FMCS gave grants to promote union membership

    The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service gave a grant of $101,000 in federal funds to Wisconsin construction unions who complained that union workers were at a disadvantage in hiring because managers had to pay them more than others.

  • More evidence of rising health care spending

    New evidence is suggesting that national health care costs are on the rise, a reality that would present new challenges for President Obama's health care law and the U.S. medical system. As I wrote earlier this month, between 2009 and 2012, national health care spending grew at a historically...

  • Uncertain future troubles Eisenhower Memorial Commission and its insular staff

    A federal planning group has delivered what could be a fatal blow to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission's controversial design for honoring the former president and World War II hero. Nine full-time, taxpayer-funded employees and a board of aging political leaders have spent the...

  • Examiner Editorial: Rep. Frank Wolf cracks constitutional whip on Justice spending

    Finally! Somebody is showing the backbone the Founders expected of the House of Representatives in its exclusive exercise of the power of the purse. Rep. Frank Wolf is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee panel with jurisdiction over the Department of Justice budget. The Virginia...

  • Sylvia Mathews Burwell: Obama's behind-the-scenes budget warrior

    Sylvia Mathews Burwell, President Obama's budget director, was at ground zero of the government shutdown showdown, but you wouldn't know it from the headlines. With Kathleen Sebelius departing, Burwell will be tapped to lead the Health and Human Services Department.

  • Examiner Editorial: Congress should heed GAO and stop duplicative spending

    The United States has always been a nation brimming from one end to the other with pragmatic people blessed with extra helpings of common sense. That’s one of the keys to understanding why Americans have built the richest country on earth, with the most widely distributed prosperity in human...

  • GOP lawmakers believe over $1 billion spent to promote Obamacare

    Republicans are demanding greater transparency on how much the administration spent to promote and implement Obamacare -- and hitting back at President Obama's claim that he “didn't make a hard sell.”

  • EXography: Federal workers make up to twice as much as others doing same job

    Across the country, employees of companies with federal contracts make up to twice what others doing the same work in the region make, dramatically increasing the costs to taxpayers, a Washington Examiner analysis found.

  • Canada shows you can cut government spending

    What's the proper size of government? Here's an article from American Enterprise Institute's The American website citing a study by Canadian economist Livio De Matteo of the free-market Fraser Institute. The bottom line: The optimal government size of maximizing economic growth is 26 percent of...

  • CFPB's spending skyrockets nearly 50 percent

    The CFPB balance sheet, published last week by the Fed's board of governors, may do little to quash concerns of critics and some in Congress that the agency needs tighter controls on its spending and additional oversight by those on Capitol Hill.

  • Sunshine Week is a good time for Congress to be honest about real costs of Fannie and Freddie

    It's Sunshine Week, so there will be more attention to government transparency and accountability in the nation's capital than usual, right? Actually, no, especially as long as there is such a thing as "off-budget" federal spending.

  • Time to clean house in Veterans Affairs

    My military deployments taught me that when a subordinate fails to perform, the proper action is to determine quickly if his performance can be improved, and if not, replace him with someone who can get the job done right. After all, lives are at stake.

  • Shutdown bonanza: States reaped $10 for every $1 spent to keep parks open

    Six states that paid Uncle Sam $2 million to keep 14 popular national parks open during the federal shutdown last year bagged $20 million in visitor spending they would have lost, a colossal investment success, according to the National Park Service.

From the Weekly Standard

  • Why the New York Times Poll Is Bogus

    The Arkansas Senate race has been close in virtually every serious poll. The Republican challenger, Tom Cotton, probably had a small lead a month or so ago; after a massive negative assault on him...

  • Hustle Is Overrated

    The Bryce Harper-Mike Trout showdown is underway and the outcome is, well, inconclusive. In round one Monday night, the Nationals leftfielder walked and went hitless in three at bats while the...

  • Kennedy’s Question

    We often think of the Constitution as a two-part document: first the original 1787 text, which primarily establishes the government’s structure; and then the amendments, which primarily set...