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  • Obama laments killing of black teen while appealing for calm in Ferguson

    Obama also gave an update on the latest developments in Iraq, praising the U.S. military for assisting the Kurds in fighting the Islamic State and helping thousands of Yazidis trapped on mountain to escape while the U.S. launched airstrikes against the extremists.

  • Experts argue Iraq woes should lead to new strategy in Afghanistan

    Moderate voices in the national security community have begun to urge President Obama to reconsider imposing a firm draw-down timeline in Afghanistan after the U.S. has been forced to re-engage in Iraq in efforts to to stop the Islamic State and prevent genocide.

  • 20 watchdog groups call for Brennan's resignation

    A coalition of 20 transparency and ethics watchdog groups are fed up with CIA Director John Brennan's leadership and are calling on President Obama to ask him to step down.

  • After Syria remarks, Obama and Hillary Clinton to attend party on Martha's Vineyard

    The event comes shortly after Clinton criticized the president's handling of Syria and his overall approach to his foreign policy decision-making in an interview.

  • DHS released 600 immigrants with criminal records

    In what is already fast becoming the latest flashpoint in the debate over allowing millions more illegal immigrants to remain in the United States legally, a government watchdog agency found that U.S. immigration officials released more than 600 undocumented immigrants in 2013 when faced with...

  • State defends John Kerry's stay in hotel owned by blacklisted businessman

    State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf is vigorously defending Secretary of State John Kerry's overnight stay in a Myanmar hotel owned by a blacklisted businessman, although she was short on specifics about it.

  • How President Obama's Iraq intervention will affect the midterms

    At a fundraiser in Martha's Vineyard Monday, President Obama had a tricky set of arguments to make. First, he described America's intervention in Iraq as part of its role as the world's policeman, "the one indispensable nation." Then he pivoted back to his campaign speech, touting the...

  • Obama backs new Iraqi leadership

    President Obama joined the campaign to pressure Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to step down and allow the formation of a new government with a new leader. In a brief televised statement, Obama didn’t mention al Maliki by name, but he said he and Vice President Joe Biden called newly...

  • Obama: U.S. airstrikes in Iraq will continue for 'some time'

    "We feel confident we can prevent [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] from going up the mountain and slaughtering people who are there," Obama said in a statement on the White House South Lawn before leaving on vacation.

  • Four reasons Obama's airstrikes won't solve Iraq's ISIS problem

    When it comes to Iraq, President Obama is very much the reluctant warrior.

  • U.S. military aircraft conducts first airstrike in Iraq

    Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby confirmed the bombing in a tweet Friday morning.

  • Obama authorizes limited airstrikes in Iraq: 'We cannot turn a blind eye'

    The move is one of the boldest military moves of his presidency and a reversal of his current, more supervisory approach to the violent turmoil in the region.

  • U.S. military air-drops relief supplies in Iraq

    The U.S. military air-dropped humanitarian relief supplies Thursday to a Kurdish area in northern Iraq where Islamic militants have trapped an estimated 40,000 religious minorities, a Defense Department official confirmed.

  • Obama signs $16.3 billion bill overhauling Veterans Affairs

    President Obama signed a bill Thursday aimed at overhauling the troubled Veterans Affairs health care system, announcing that officials had cut the backlog of veterans waiting for care by half.

  • Democrats steamed that White House let the CIA censor a torture report

    Senate Democrats say the White House has pledged to work with them in "good faith" to resolve their differences over redactions to their torture report, but they're still furious that President Obama allowed the CIA, instead of the White House, to take the lead in censoring it.

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