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  • Meet the political unknown who just took down Eric Cantor

    Dave Brat has a 23-year-old campaign manager, raised about $200,000 for his campaign and just took out Eric Cantor.

  • Eric Cantor loses primary to challenger Dave Brat

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor fell to challenger Dave Brat on Tuesday in a stunning primary upset likely to send shockwaves through Congress and the Republican Party.

  • Eric Cantor's defeat throws Republican leadership into 'total chaos'

    House Republicans were scrambling Tuesday night to determine the fallout on their leadership team and governing agenda after House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was ousted in his GOP primary in Virginia's 7th district.

  • Seven things you should know about Eric Cantor

    Although he is well-known in Washington, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is probably not a household name in much of the country. It will be soon, though.

  • Eric Cantor loses primary; Tea Party condition upgraded to 'alive'

    Those who tried to claim the Tea Party movement was dead received a shock Tuesday night, when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., lost his primary to challenger David Brat. Cantor's internal poll from last week had the incumbent up 34 points over Brat, but with 89 percent of precincts...

  • Why these Republicans weren't happy with a plan to draft Sarah Palin

    An online campaign to draft Sarah Palin into running for the U.S. Senate was a long-shot. Some Republicans say it was also an unnecessary distraction -- and probably nothing more than a ruse to raise money by an obscure Tea Party organization.

  • Ron Paul joins Tea Party to back Chris McDaniel vs. Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran

    Add libertarian hero Ron Paul to the growing list of conservative and Tea Party leaders joining the upstart campaign of State Sen. Chris McDaniel, who shocked the Washington GOP establishment by besting longtime Sen. Thad Cochran in a primary last week.

  • Thad Cochran shifts gears in bid to pull runoff upset against Tea Partier

    Sen. Thad Cochran and his allies are retooling their campaign strategy in a furious bid to survive Mississippi's June 24, GOP primary runoff. Insurgent conservative Chris McDaniel, a state senator, led Cochran by just under 1,400 votes with most precincts reporting after last Tuesday’s...

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  • David Perdue Wins GOP Senate Nom in Georgia

    Businessman and first-time candidate David Perdue pulled off what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution  calls a "political shocker" by winning the Republican primary runoff for the U.S. Senate in...

  • Kingdom Come

    There are no copyrights on book titles. F. H. Buckley nevertheless shows remarkable audacity in borrowing The Once and Future King from T. H. White’s children’s classic, published in...

  • A Glimpse of Our Health Care Future

    To what will Obamacare lead? If the administration’s health policies continue on their present trajectory, Obamacare will lead to some form of European-style single-payer national health system.