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  • Wendy Davis included in FBI investigation of North Texas Tollway Authority

    Wendy Davis' legal work for the North Texas Tollway Authority is part of an FBI investigation into the agency, according to the Dallas Morning News.

  • Radioactive waste booms with oil as states weigh rules

    Oilfields are spinning off thousands of tons of low-level radioactive trash as the U.S. drilling boom leads to a surge in illegal dumping and states debate how much landfills can safely take. State regulators are caught between environmental and public health groups demanding more regulation...

  • Texas women prefer Greg Abbott to Wendy Davis

    A new poll from Public Policy Polling indicates that women in Texas are more likely to vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott than Democratic candidate Wendy Davis.

  • Obama shortens sentence for man mistakenly serving extra 3.5 years

    President Obama shortened the prison sentence of a Texas man mistakenly serving an extra 42 additional months on a marijuana charge because of a typo.

  • State economy showdown: Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Mike Pence vs. Chris Christie

    A new report that gauges the economic future of all 50 states could weigh on the 2016 GOP primaries by showing that low tax states such as Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin have a much better outlook than high taxers like New Jersey.

  • Obama meets with mega-donor Steve Mostyn

    HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – Apparently, a $3 million donation to a super PAC that supports the President warrants a dinner party. President Barack Obama met with around 30 members of the Democratic National Committee and major party contributors at the home of plaintiffs attorney Steve Mostyn...

  • Texas legal reform group endorses Dan Patrick for Lt. governor, calls him 'tort reform stalwart'

    HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – A Texas legal watchdog group is endorsing state Sen. Dan Patrick in the upcoming Republican run-off election for Lt. Governor. Patrick, a Houston conservative radio jockey, walloped incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the March 4 primary, capturing 550,769 votes...

  • Obama meets with Wendy Davis

    President Obama met with Texas state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis on Thursday. Obama "visited briefly" with Davis after delivering remarks at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library for a summit marking the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, according to the...

  • Obama channels Lyndon Johnson in populist defense of government

    President Obama evoked the memory of former President Lyndon Johnson on Thursday, insisting that the government should play a central role in combating inequality and curing broader societal ills. “Today, we remain locked in this same great debate, about equality and opportunity, and the...

  • Obama mourns another shooting tragedy at Fort Hood

    President Obama returned to Fort Hood Wednesday to pay tribute to the victims of another mass shooting at the Texas military installation, saying U.S. officials should do more to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. “Part of what makes this so painful is that we’ve been here...

  • President Obama's 'thoughts and prayers' with Pennsylvania stabbing victims

    President Obama has been briefed on the mass stabbing at a high school in the Pittsburgh area on Wednesday, and the White House said his “thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families." A 16-year-old student at Pennsylvania's Franklin Regional High School stabbed at least 20...

  • 2 Obama fundraisers after grieving Fort Hood deaths, one at $17 million home

    The White House won some negative headlines for scheduling a fundraiser during President Obama's trip Wednesday to Texas to mourn the shooting deaths at Fort Hood U.S. Army base, but he's actually attending two, one with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a $17.1 million home.

  • Trust in state and local government high in small states --- and in booming Texas

    State and local government is, theoretically, closer to the ordinary citizen than the federal government — even though many citizens who vote in presidential elections do not take the trouble to vote in elections in non-presidential years when most or all of the offices at stake are in state...

  • Reprising grim role, Obama to grieve at Fort Hood

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Returning once again to a grief-stricken corner of America, President Barack Obama is reprising his role as chief comforter, mourning with families of those killed last week at Fort Hood and offering solace to the nation. It's a duty that Obama has had to fulfill far too...

  • Comeback: George H.W. Bush re-enters politics as top fundraiser

    Former President George H.W. Bush, who has shied away from political dirty work, has jumped feet first into the GOP's bid to win back the Senate and White House in a new fundraising campaign.

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