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  • West Point Navistar to upgrade MRAP vehicles

    WEST POINT, Miss. (AP) — The Navistar Defense plant at West Point, Mississippi, will upgrade the Army's Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles as part of a $38.4 million contract. U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., says in a news release Thursday that Navistar will make repairs that will result...

  • Judge dismisses Chris McDaniel's challenge of runoff results

    Judge Hollis McGehee sided with Sen. Thad Cochran's legal team. They had asked McGehee to dismiss the case because McDaniel did not file it within the period designated under Mississippi law.

  • Chris McDaniel's court date may come too late to matter

    The Mississippi state senator, who lost a Republican primary runoff to Sen. Thad Cochran in late June, will get a hearing on his legal challenge on Sept. 16 -- just four days before absentee voting begins in the general election. 

  • It's time to close shop, Chris McDaniel

    The latest development in Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel's ongoing effort to prove that Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., supposedly stole the June primary run-off election with "irregular" votes is just embarrassing.

  • Republican leaders get the Senate candidates they wanted

    Every Senate Republican running for re-election this year won his primary, denying the GOP nomination to less experienced Tea Party challengers who could have put safe seats in play for the Democrats.

  • Guess who just became Chris McDaniel's next target

    Chris “declare me the winner”* McDaniel is now trying to drag Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell into his challenge over the results of Mississippi’s June 24 primary runoff. In an email sent Wednesday, the McDaniel campaign called on McConnell to “condemn the race-baiting ads funded by a...

  • GOP incumbents fend off Tea Party challengers

    Despite record low approval ratings for Congress, incumbents across the country are winning their primary battles.

  • EXography: Senators' trips home decline with time in office, age, boosting claims of term limits advocates

    The analysis appears to confirm what has long been claimed by populists and political cynics: Senators who have served multiple six-year terms tend to "go native," becoming more focused on the priorities of special-interest groups in Washington than with the worries and concerns of the "folks...

  • Chris McDaniel campaign: Look, we don't want a do-over, we just want to be declared the winner

    The Tea Party-backed state senator, who absolutely refuses to concede defeat to his septuagenarian opponent, said he has evidence that proves Cochran's campaign deployed dirty tactics.

  • Democratic activists were behind controversial Klan ads in Mississippi

    A Democratic activist has claimed responsibility for controversial radio ads that attempted to tie Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel to the Ku Klux Klan.

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