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  • Updated: Labor secretary inaccurately cites his department's data in hearing

    Labor Secretary Thomas Perez incorrectly cited data from his own department in a congressional hearing Wednesday to justify heightened safety inspections of auto parts manufacturers in the South, particularly Alabama. The actual data indicates that the state's manufactures maintain a lower...

  • Labor Secretary cites Cesar Chavez, ignores his opposition to immigration

    Labor Secretary Thomas Perez invoked the late labor leader Cesar Chavez in an official statement, citing his "vision and moral example" should be used to, among other things, "fixing our broken immigration system." Left out of the statement was that Chavez was an outspoken opponent of...

  • Progressives, Team Obama hit the road to push $10.10 minimum wage

    Since Washington isn’t listening, the president’s team and supporters are hitting the road to build grassroots support for boosting the minimum wage to $10.10.

  • Obama signs order to revise overtime pay rules

    President Obama on Thursday unveiled his latest initiative to boost workers' pay, saying he wanted to “restore the common-sense principle behind overtime.”

  • Sen. Tom Harkin says hearing witnesses can ignore GOP questions

    The Democratic chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee declared Wednesday that cabinet secretaries do not have to answer questions at hearings if they don’t feel like it, the latest breakdown in collegiality. In a politically-charged atmosphere during a...

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