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  • Palestinian leader in new UN bid to end occupation

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Facing pressure at home to come up with a new strategy for achieving Palestinian statehood, Mahmoud Abbas said Friday he would ask the U.N. Security Council to dictate the ground rules for any talks with Israel, including setting a deadline for an Israeli withdrawal from...

  • US, others vow to strengthen UN peacekeeping

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States and dozens of other countries vowed Friday to speed up and strengthen the U.N.'s overstretched peacekeeping response to crises around the world. More than 130,000 peacekeeping staffers are now deployed in operations around the world, a record, U.N....

  • VIDEO --- Weekly Examiner: Eric Holder resigns

    At the end of an already eventful week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced his intention to resign from his position in the Obama administration.

  • Vatican accuses UN panel of sowing confusion

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican has accused a U.N. human rights committee of sowing confusion, violating its own norms and the church's religious freedom with a controversial report into the Holy See's record on child sexual abuse. The Vatican on Friday released its formal response to a...

  • Obama's three Middle East foreign policies

    Earlier this week at the U.N., Obama appeared to have learned the hard way that his previous words and hopes for the region had little impact on shaping it.

  • UN rights body to share Syria war crimes evidence

    GENEVA (AP) — The U.N. Human Rights Council has voted overwhelmingly to share its evidence of Syrian atrocities in hopes it will be forwarded to the world's war crimes tribunal. By a vote of 32-5, with 10 abstentions, the 47-nation council adopted the resolution Thursday strongly condemning...

  • Hundreds protest Rouhani outside UN in New York

    NEW YORK (AP) — Hundreds have gathered in New York City to protest Iran President Hassan Rouhani (hah-SAHN' roo-HAH'-nee) during his remarks before the U.N. General Assembly. Former U.S. diplomats John Bolton and Bill Richardson were expected to address the crowd Thursday. Former South Dakota...

  • Obama: 'Not moving fast enough' to fight Ebola

    President Obama on Thursday warned that nations "are not moving fast enough" to combat the rapidly spreading Ebola virus in West Africa, saying that without a more forceful response, the epidemic could claim "hundreds of thousands" of lives.

  • EPA chief McCarthy: Climate regulations good for economy

    Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said acting on climate change is a financial imperative in a Thursday speech, hitting back at critics who say Obama administration environmental policies will damage the economy.

  • Indian emissions will rise, official says, dealing blow to climate treaty hopes

    A deal without serious commitments from India would likely prevent a deal that secures enough cuts in greenhouse gases by 2020 to avoid a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise by 2100, which nations are seeking.

  • Obama: Now is the time to act against extremism

    The United States sent a powerful message to other United Nations member countries: Join the fight against a vicious new brand of terrorism or risk becoming increasingly irrelevant and world becoming more unstable.

  • Obama warns against 'groupthink' in government

    "No country has all the answers. No country has perfect practices," the president said at a New York event on transparency.

  • U.S., world leaders target foreign fighters

    The targets have worked with a number of terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, al Nusra Front and al Qaeda and its affiliates, to send foreign fighters to Syria and other countries.

  • Obama to U.N.: 'We have a choice to make'

    President Obama called on more countries to join a new coalition of allies united to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and implored them to help the U.S. counter a variety of other world crises such as the Ebola outbreak and Russian aggression.

  • Ferguson, Mo., race riots invade United Nations

    At the United Nations, President Obama raised the recent racial riots in Ferguson, Mo., to concede that America has it's "own racial and ethnic tensions."

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