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  • New Veterans Affairs secretary apologizes for 'stunning lack of clarity' over preventable deaths

    Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald acknowledged Congress and the public were misled in a report released in April, which tied the deaths of 23 patients due to gastrointestinal cancers to unacceptable delays in getting colonoscopies and other procedures at VA hospitals nationwide.

  • Delays, denials by Department of Veterans Affairs deliver 'death sentence' to cancer victim

    After years of missed warning signs by VA doctors, a Pennsylvania veteran's prostate cancer has gone from treatable to terminal. The first in a five-part series.

  • Illinois creates foundation to help veterans

    CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois is creating a non-profit foundation to better help veterans. The Illinois Joining Forces Foundation will support Illinois Joining Forces, a network of organizations that serve veterans, active military and their families. The network was created in 2012 and housed in...

  • VA chief: Firings of workers a deliberate process

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The Veterans Affairs Department is in the process of holding bad employees accountable amid a scandal about long wait times for patients and other problems, VA Secretary Robert McDonald said Thursday, but he declined to say how many people were being fired and who they...

  • Morning Examiner with Steve Doty for Aug. 14

    The House Veterans' Affairs Committee will hold a hearing today to once again examine health care for veterans.

  • New ethics rules for NY counselors of veterans

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York state's Division of Veterans' Affairs established new ethics rules following an investigation showing two counselors received large inheritances of cash and property from vets they helped both at work and outside of it. Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott...

  • VA apologizes for error in patient-death report

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Department of Veterans Affairs has apologized for what it called an "inadvertent" mistake that underreported the number of deaths linked to delays in cancer treatment at VA medical facilities. "VA inadvertently caused confusion in its communication" of a review of cases...

  • No one left to blame: Obama owns Veterans Affairs reform now

    Based on what we've seen from Obama in the past, veterans groups should be wary of this administration's commitment to fully implementing the VA reforms.

  • VIDEO: Obama signs Veterans Affairs overhaul bill into law

    The measure will mean better access and more accountability within the scandal-laden Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Obama signs $16.3 billion bill overhauling Veterans Affairs

    President Obama signed a bill Thursday aimed at overhauling the troubled Veterans Affairs health care system, announcing that officials had cut the backlog of veterans waiting for care by half.

  • Obama signs veterans' health care overhaul

    Veterans may soon have easier access to government-paid health care under a bill President Obama signed into law Thursday, the government's most sweeping response to date to a public uproar over systemwide problems that have rocked the Veterans Affairs Department.

  • Obama to sign veterans' health care overhaul

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Veterans are expected to have an easier time getting government-paid health care from local doctors under a bill that President Barack Obama is set to sign into law Thursday. The $16.3 billion measure also allows the Veterans Affairs Department to hire thousands of doctors,...

  • VIDEO: President Obama to sign Veterans Affairs overhaul bill

    President Obama will sign a bipartisan bill Thursday to overhaul the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • 'Do-nothing' Congress

    With rare exceptions, we need fewer, not more, laws. Lift your glass to gridlock -- while it remains legal.

  • Morning Examiner with Steve Doty for July 31

    There are only two days left before Congress breaks for its summer recess, but there are a host of issues still waiting to be sorted out.

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  • On the Origin of ISIS

    The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist army many thousand strong now rampaging through the Levant, embraces such an extreme, violent ideology that it makes even al Qaeda squeamish,...

  • Repeal Obamacare, Don’t ‘Reform’ It

    Slowly but surely, the anti-repeal wing of the Republican party is starting to reassert itself.  The latest effort comes from Lanhee Chen, who was the top policy advisor on the Mitt Romney...

  • Small Ball in Wisconsin

    West Allis, Wis.