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  • Wendy Davis campaign tries, fails to deflect tax criticism

    Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Texas state senator Wendy Davis has tried to deflect criticism of a tax penalty she was hit with in her 2013 taxes, but ended up digging herself deeper.

  • Wendy Davis penalized for late tax payment

    After months of delay, Texas state senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis finally released her full 2013 tax return this week -- and it turns out she was hit with a fine for late payment.

  • Davis, supporting PAC react to Gov. Perry’s indictment

    AUSTIN, Texas (Legal Newsline) – The Democratic gubernatorial candidate and committee funding her campaign to become Texas’ next governor reacted immediately to Friday’s news that GOP Gov. Rick Perry, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, had been indicted on two felony charges. Following...

  • Wendy Davis unveils first TV ad attacking Abbott

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Trailing in polls and money with three months left in the Texas governor's race, Democrat Wendy Davis said Friday that her first television ad against Republican Greg Abbott will attack him for not siding with a rape victim while serving as judge in the 1990s. Davis aides...

  • Wendy Davis sought fat pay increases for herself as city council member

    The Texas Democrat routinely knocks her Republican opponent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, for his salary increases, but she tried twice to increase her own pay while serving the people of Fort Worth.

  • VIDEO: Wendy Davis uses 1998 rape case in first TV ad

    Davis' ad, titled "A Texas Story," highlights a 1993 incident where a woman was raped by a contractor working for a distributor of vacuums.

  • Underdog Davis insists she'll win governor's race

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Democrat Wendy Davis insisted Tuesday she'll break her party's two-decade Texas losing streak and win the governor's race, saying turnout from long-disillusioned voters will be stronger than expected and enough to overcome her opponent's sizeable leads in campaign cash and...

  • Wendy Davis staffer previously pleaded guilty to illegally obtaining an opponent's credit report

    A Wendy Davis staffer once pleaded guilty to posing as former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele online in order to illegally obtain his credit report.

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