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  • Chesapeake school to use wind power

    CHESAPEAKE, Va. (AP) — It'll be slightly taller than the High-Rise Bridge and Mount Trashmore. A wind turbine will rise near the towering trees and open land around Grassfield High School in the western part of the city. School division officials hope to have the turbine running by the end...

  • US gives conditional backing for Cape Wind project

    BOSTON (AP) — The U.S. Department of Energy announced Tuesday it has conditionally committed to a $150 million loan guarantee for Cape Wind's proposed energy project off the coast of Cape Cod. Company President Jim Gordon said the announcement represents an "important endorsement" by the...

  • Examiner Editorial: Admit it, greens --- renewables can't power U.S. economy

    Big Green activists have taken their crusade against hydraulic fracturing to a number of state capitols for the same reason they oppose the Keystone XL pipeline. They want the fossil fuels that power the U.S. economy to remain in the ground, untapped.

  • To stay in power, Kevin McCarthy must put conservatives ahead of K Street

    California Congressman Kevin McCarthy will likely win the election this week for House majority leader. Then he'll spend six months working to keep that job when House Republicans choose their leadership again, after the November elections.

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