Seltzer Wars: SodaStream Exec Reveals How Scarlett Johansson Signed On For Controversial Super Bowl Campaign

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January 30, 2014 AT 8:20 PM
When it comes to our love affairs with modern-day conveniences, Scarlett Johansson 's devotion to her beloved SodaStream rivals even that of Her 's Theodore Twombly to, well, her. But it's unlikely that the star anticipated quite what she was getting into when she signed on as that company's first spokeswoman and agreed to star in a TV ad that will air on Sunday's Super Bowl. The seltzer appliance company is headquartered in Israel, with its biggest manufacturing plant located in the West Bank settlement of Mishor Adumim -- a territory seized by Israel in 1967's Six-Day War that Palestinians lay claim to. Critics of Israel have for years demanded a boycott of the company, and those calls have grown louder than ever in the days leading up to the commercial's Sunday debut. In a separate and more minor controversy, a reference to competitors Coke and Pepsi were cut from the spot after Fox demanded they be removed. The original version was posted on YouTube on Monday ; it has since been viewed over 5.5 million times.