Senate Dem: Ban some bullets, require background checks to purchase others

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Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said that people purchasing ammunition should be required to go through a background check, while he suggested that some bullets should be banned entirely.

“I have proposed that we have background checks not only on firearms purchases, but also ammunition and prohibit the Teflon tip and incendiary bullets. I think the bullets, along with the firearms, are what we need to focus on,” Blumenthal said today on Fox News Sunday.

“We have no background checks now on purchases of ammunition,” Blumenthal had said moments earlier. “It is against the law for a fugitive, a felon, a deranged person, someone seriously mentally ill, someone under a court order for domestic violence abuse, to purchase ammunition, and firearms. But there are no background checks on purchase of ammunition. So someone can walk into a Walmart, buy a shopping cart full of ammunition, walk out, pay, no questions asked.”


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