Senator defends honor of Alaska halibut

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Alaska Sen. Mark Begich has a message for the Domino’s nationwide pizza chain: Stop being “halibut haters.”

The Democratic senator’s pronouncement comes on the heels of a Domino’s advertisement that brags of how America’s innovators rely on pizza to fuel their intense work and disparages the white fish that comes mainly from waters off Alaska and British Columbia.

“No one’s coming up with world-changing ideas over halibut,” the narrator says as a man on-screen spits out pieces of bland-looking fish. “No way. It’s always been pizza.”

Begich isn’t suffering this commercial quietly. He sent Domino’s CEO J. Patrick Doyle an Alaska halibut filet, who Begich said has obviously “never tasted delicious, Alaska halibut.”

“It occurs to me that your pizza preference may be the result of an uninformed palate,” Begich wrote. “So I’ve sent you a delicious Alaska halibut filet for your edible edification.”

Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre told the Washington Examiner that the pizza maker did indeed receive a “cooler of halibut” Thursday morning — and made it clear that they were trying to paddle away from the controversy.

“We chose ‘halibut’ for no other reason than it’s a funny-sounding word,” McIntyre said. “We in no way meant to disparage the hard-working people in the fishing industry, nor the great state of Alaska. It was just a few seconds of humor in an ad.”

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