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Shaq endorses Chris Christie as 'a great man'

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Retired basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal has recorded a television spot endorsing Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., for reelection, calling him “a great man.”

“I don’t endorse many politicians, but Chris Christie is different,” O’Neal said in the spot.

O'Neal, a Newark native, has been working with Christie to bring after-school activities to at-risk youth. In early October, Christie named O'Neal to be a statewide youth ambassador, and the two announced the initiative, which is called "Just Play."

“He’s working with me to bring jobs back to our cities and on a new program to help kids in tough neighborhoods get ahead,” O’Neal said in the ad.

“Gov. Christie has provided more funding for schools, given parents more choices in what schools their kids can go to and merit pay for good teachers.”

Christie continues to lead his opponent, Democrat State Sen. Barbara Buono, by 26 points in the latest Rutgers poll of the election.

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