Shinseki not going quietly if he goes

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If Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is going, it’s not quietly. Before heading to the White House to this morning to “update” the president on the VA scandal, the retired general apologized but sounded defiant in an address before a group of activists on homeless veterans.

‘Lack of integrity’ - From Fox News:  “Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki announced Friday that he would oust senior leaders at the embattled Phoenix VA, ahead of a private meeting with President Obama where the two are expected to have a “serious conversation” about whether Shinseki himself can stay in the job. …Obama, in an interview, said he planned to ask Shinseki whether he was “prepared and has the capacity” to fix sweeping problems in the VA’s nationwide health care system. …Earlier Friday morning, Shinseki publicly apologized for the failures in the VA system... Shinseki said the ‘lack of integrity’ is something he has ‘rarely encountered.’ He announced several steps to address the situation, short of resignation, including directing that patient wait times no longer be used as a measure of success in employee evaluations. 

Growing Chorus - Committee Chairman Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., is the first member of House Democratic leadership to call for Shinseki’s resignation. “‘If it will help fix the problem to clean house, then yes, he should resign,” [Israel told Roll Call], “but my main concern is getting the root of the problem here, and I want to make sure any steps taken actually lead to drastic improvements for our veterans.’”]

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