Shutdown extension ahead?

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SHUTDOWN EXTENSION AHEAD? - The fever is breaking among Republicans, but not likely in the way President Obama had hoped. After weeks of brutal feuding over the best way to attack Obama’s new health-insurance entitlement program, Republicans are rallying around a new strategy: Step back from the debt-limit fight and remain focused on the ongoing battle over funding the federal government. Conservative activists groups made it clear Wednesday that they were not interested in a debt breach. Despite some talk about “sequencing” obligations to avoid default, conservatives seem uninterested in fighting Obama on that bloody ground. That’s a good news and bad news for House Speaker John Boehner.

[Poll: Government is biggest problem facing country - According to a new Gallup poll, 33 percent of respondents say the nation’s most important problem is the government, politicians or Congress, a 16 percent spike from last month.]

Let’s talk - Boehner, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and other members of House leadership head to the White House today. Obama had invited all 232 Republican members of the House, but Boehner decided to limit the delegation to his leadership team. The expected topic of conversation had been the proposal from Ryan and others to construct a large-scale, multi-year deal on debt, spending and taxes to address the immediate issues of fully funding the government and extend the debt limit.  But with conservatives veering away from holding up the debt limit over ObamaCare, the situation is different. A larger deal is now less likely.

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