Smoke causes health concerns in Albuquerque New Mexico
June 03, 2011 AT 8:45 PM
the wallow fire in southeast arizona has burned more than 100-thousand acres, making it one of the largest wildfires in arizona's history. this is new video tonight from alpine where people were told last night to evacuate. the u-s forest service says at least three summer cabins have burned. meanwhile, heavy smoke from the fire continues to move across new mexico. jason stiff is in the pinpoint 4 stormcenter to tell us when the metro can expect to see more of that smoke move in. the haze over albuquerque is getting thicker again-- all because of that big wildfire in arizona. the city of albuquerque has issued a "public health alert" as the wind brings in more smoke. for a look at what you can expect---jeremy jojola is live downtown out in the haze. jeremy. downtown albuquerque looking more like downtown los angeles today.... a couple of hours ago, the city issuing another warning that the haze could last until monday. you can see how it's a bit hazy now... this what it looked like yesterday ... the city measures particles in the air ....while got some really technical numbers about the smoke... the figures show the number of particles in the air last nigh where 20 times higher than normal... that's not good for people with asthma and other breathing problems. the city has issued a warng, saying the smoke could stick around through monday. the thick haze from that fire has been making some people here in albuquerque sick. a spokesperson from unm hospital tells us they've seen an increase in both children and adult patients coming in because of respiratory issues due to the smoke. officials anticipate seeing more patients until the haze clears out. even though people were urged to stay inside today---some people had to be outside because of their jobs. they had no choice but to be out there in the smoke .. sharon erickson continues our team coverage. people had a tough time dealing with the effects of the thick smoke that blanketed the metro area. "at first it smelled like weeds burning." "some people say it's still stinking of the smoke." city officials warned people to stay indoors... but these workers have no choice but to be outside. "so you have to work outside? yes." "all day." the smoke is from the "wallow fire" burning near the new mexico- arizona border. "and now all the ash that blew into the area from the fire in arizona... has now turned to dust on your car." i saw a lot of dust on the pick-up" "dust and stuff on my truck." though workers say the smoke isn't causing them too much trouble... "we're gonna work the whole day." many say they are being careful. "as long as it doesn't start bothering us, i guess we're going to work till it does." from downtown, sharon erickson kob eyewitness news 4. for a complete list of health recommendations concerning the smoke ... ....log onto kob dot com and click on 4 links.