Smoke, haze continue to plague New Mexico New Mexico
June 09, 2011 AT 8:46 PM
here's a live look outside from the big i camera the ongoing haze from the wallow fire has prompted the city to extend the air quality alert through monday morning at 11. the alert was supposed to expire today. the city recommends limiting outdoor physical activity... and keeping windows and doors closed. chief meteorologist jason stiff is tracking the smoke moving in this evening. jason. we talked to the general manager of the isotopes this afternoon and confirmed that if the smoke gets bad again tonight.. the topes will not play. as of right now.. the plan is to go on with the game as scheduled at 7-05 tonight. but general manager john traub tells us they're concerned about the players and the fans .. and they are in constant contact with authorities to determine the air quality. a new study being conduced in new mexico shows that all the wood smoke in the air right now is significantly worse for smokers than it is for people who don't smoke. the lovelace respiratory research center found that even a low amount of wood smoke decreases lung function..having a long-term effect. doctors say if you don't smoke... and are healthy... your lungs will most likely make a full recovery. "if you are healthy usually you are good at fighting off exposures like this -- we are always battling things on a daily basis." lovelace has developed models that duplicate the human lung for the study.... and is following about 3 thousand current and past smokers in new mexico to see the long term affects of the current smoke in the air. the funding for the research comes from the state's tobacco settlement. pnm officials say they're confident their system can withstand significant line outages if the wallow fire hits the transmission lines that are closest to the flames. officials say the system's design will allow them to stabilize problems as well as help other utility companies that share the line. we're told generating stations from afton and lordsburg will be brought in to help power southern new mexico if needed. as of this morning the fire was only 7 to 12 miles away from pnm's transmission line. meanwhile, el paso electric is painting a better picture tonight of what could happen if the fire hits one of its transmission lines. this is a picture of the lines from the palo verde nuclear power plant that carry about 40 percent of el paso electric's power. the utility said yesterday those lines were in danger... and rolling blackouts in southern new mexico would be possible. but now, according to the el paso times-- the utility says only one line -- partially owned by el paso electric -- is in danger. we'll have another live report from luna coming up tonight at 6... and we'll bring you any major developments throughout this newscast.... and in between newscasts at kob-dot com