So far, looking like bad decision

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Wow. How anticlimactic was that?

The day after the NBA season began, LeBron James announced the launch of -- which actually existed before -- via a mass e-mail.

In his "exclusive message" on his "new" site, he says the Miami Heat games this year will "give you a lot of highlights."

The Heat got schooled by the old-school (literally, their team is old) Celtics on Tuesday in Boston in a postseason atmosphere.

Either it was just a bad start or the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls can get together and pop the bubbly already -- ala the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Cue those Heat highlights -- which were pretty much all LeBron. We're sure this was not "The Decision" he had in mind.

Granted, not every team is going to be as experienced and battle-hardened as the Celtics, and Dwyane Wade isn't going to go 4-for-16 frequently, but the Heat have much work to do to become great.

The Eastern Conference is historically weaker than the West -- and this year is no different -- so the Heat earning a top four playoff spot is still very likely.

Miami has the talent to make a run at the Bulls' 72-game win record. It just won't be this season.

However, what the Heat can count on is every team in the league putting a target on their backs as if they were the defending champs.

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