Solo stand on Syria

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GOING SOLO ON SYRIA - Undecided and isolated - Fox News: The administration’s attempt to build a coalition for military action against Syria in disarray, President Obama remains undecided on ordering a strike. In a major setback, British lawmakers on Thursday voted against military intervention for now, as Obama came under increased pressure from lawmakers for congressional authorization before ordering an attack. With U.N. inspectors due to leave Syria on Saturday, and allies intent on waiting for the results of chemical weapons tests, the Obama administration finds itself isolated as it contemplates limited strikes against the Assad military.

Headlines tell the story - WSJ: “U.S. Prepares for Solo Strike Against Syria” //NYT: “Obama Set for Limited Strike on Syria as British Vote No” //WaPo: “White House: Obama can go it alone on Syria.”

Prepared to move - The WSJ reports the administration is laying the groundwork for unilateral attacks. Senior administration officials stated the scope of the attacks would not require a broad coalition to be effective. Pentagon officials told the NYT: “the Navy had now moved a fifth destroyer into the eastern Mediterranean Sea.” WaPo reports top military brass are questioning the wisdom of such a strike and the unintended consequences it may bring.

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