Some may see lower insurance premiums soon

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Premiums for benchmark health insurance plans under Obamacare will go down in 15 major cities, a new study showed.

The cost of the second-lowest cost silver plan available will go down by an average of almost one percent before tax credits, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Still, where you live remains the most important factor in your premium.

On the high end, Nashville residents will see a 8.7 percent premium increase, while those in Colorado will see a 15.6 percent decrease. Overall, seven big cities across the nation will see premiums go down.

The findings are key as people begin to shop around for their 2015 plans this fall.

“How willing people are to switch plans will not only affect what they pay next year, but also how strong competitive forces are in the future and how much pressure insurers feel to keep premium increases modest,” the researchers wrote.

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