Special Report


The cyber threat

By Charles Hoskinson | 03/21/14 12:00 AM

Cyber is the defense community's new buzzword. To break it all down, the Washington Examiner recently spoke with Peter W. Singer, a Brookings Institution scholar and author, to see what all the fuss is about.
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U.S. can't project power with diplomacy alone

By By Rep. Buck McKeon | 03/21/14 12:00 AM

A certain worldview in the White House overlooks reality: The nation doesn’t need a strong military because there are no significant threats to it, and the president can handle any crisis through diplomacy.
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Why the U.S. must spend more on defense

By By John Bolton | 03/21/14 12:00 AM

As threats and challenges to America metastasize internationally, the imperative for a dramatically new defense strategy grows ever clearer. Unfortunately, President Obama's remaining three years in office will not meet that objective, as his just-released FY 2015 defense budget reveals.
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