State police asks for help to find prison escapee New Mexico
August 14, 2011 AT 5:00 PM
prison escapee... as they continue to comb through the area around the state prison in los lunas. heather mills has been on the phones working to get the latest information... she joins us with more. heather. 54 year old david mansfield has been on the run now for more than ten hours. take a close look at this picture.. mansfield is considered armed and dangerous. i just got off the phone with state police.. they tell me they aren't sure how he escaped from the state prison in los lunas this morning.. but right now their efforts are focused on finding him. there was a head count at 5:30 a-m.. he was there. then, a re-count at 6:30.. and he was gone. state polic tell me they don't know which way mansfield went.. the dogs didn't pick up a specific direction. here's another look at david mansfield. he was last seen wearing gray sweatpants and white sketchers sneakers. he's 6'4 and 187 pounds. police say he has family in iowa and michigan.. and may be headed in that direction. he's also a former truck 10:02 pm driver.. and may try to hook up with a semi to leave the state. mansfield was serving a four year sentence for embezzlement and theft of a motor vehicle in albuquerque... he's been locked up since january. police asked us to get the word out to all n-b-c news stations.. hoping they'll be able to capture him. if you see mansfield.. call 9-1-1.