Stephen Colbert: I’m glad that Romney got his sh*t in a pile


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Speaking out of character in an interview with Meet the Press, Stephen Colbert explained that as the “real Stephen” he was glad that Mitt Romney did well in the first debate.

“The real Stephen is actually pleased as a performer that Mitt Romney got his sh*t in a pile, because I model conservative punditry,” Colbert explained. “And if if he’s not someone I can follow, then I’m lost.”

Colbert said that before the debate Romney was a “walking, shambling mound of weakness.”

“Even the people who liked him didn’t seem to be behind him that strongly,” Colbert explained. "People were, you know, stepping out of his boat.”

“Now he’s the man,” Colbert continued. “Now he’s got these long luscious coattails and everybody is jumping on board.”

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