Students target Biden: 'Stop the stink - Say No to B.O.

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets

Win or lose in the vice presidential debate, Joe Biden is going to be faced with cat calls that he "stank" at the clash with GOP running mate Rep. Paul Ryan by conservative students who are using the event to kick off a month of counter-rallies at Obama-Biden appearances to draw attention to the unemployment plight of college grads.

Just hours after the debate, they will greet Biden Friday at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse armed with posters showing a stick of deodorant that scream: "Say no to B.O." The deodorant reads: "Stop the stink. Want jobs? Help us fire B.O."

The rallies are being organized by Students against Barack Obama, part of the anti-Obama group American Majority Action.

The head of Student's Against Barack Obama, Celia Bigelow, recently told Secrets, "It's cheeky, yet fitting, to call this organization 'Student Against B.O.', because President Obama's policies have stunk for young Americans.

More seriously, Bigelow on Thursday told Secrets, "Not all students who attend these speeches are die-hard Obama-supporters. Many open-minded students show up at these rallies just to see a famous leader, but I can't help but think these students want answers to the issues facing our generation."

Her group, she added, will use the counter-rallies "to depict our fiscal reality and provide real answers as to why young Americans can't find jobs, why tuition has skyrocketed, why healthcare costs have risen, and why they face a 50/50 chance of being forced to move in with their parents."

An American Majority Action study released last month showed that Obama has been on campus one out of every 10 days. Romney hasn't even come close to keeping up--which is one reason why Students Against Barack Obama is organizing these counter-rallies.

"Young Americans are economically miserable, but what are conservatives doing to reach out to them?" said Ron Meyer, a spokesman for American Majority Action. "These counter-rallies will both show conservative students that they aren't alone and attempt to convince those young Americans who are savable. If young Americans want jobs, they'll rally with us to fire Obama."