Stupid Crimes: Killer caught after butt-dialing 911

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Butt-dial M for Murder

A Florida man accidently called 911 and recorded his plans for murder before the victim was fatally shot.

According to the Miami Herald, Scott Simon decided to shoot Nicholas Walker after arguing with him at a nearby Waffle House.

Broward County Sheriff's Office officials said they know this because Scott butt-dialed 911. On a recorded line, Simon can be heard telling someone else that he's going to follow Walker home and kill him. Minutes later, Walker was shot and killed while driving his car onto Interstate 95.

Simon was charged with first-degree murder.

They wouldn't cut the cheese

A North Carolina woman is charged with trying to poison five family members after one of them refused to share some cheese with her.

Thwarted, Tiara Drake, 24, awakened before the rest of the family and used detergent, window cleaner and a household cleanser to poison the cheese.

The next morning the family made breakfast with the cheese and began eating it before one of them determined it was tainted.

Drake is charged with five counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Fail. Literally.

A college student in suburban Atlanta is accused of faking his own kidnapping to avoid telling his parents he was failing a class.

Authorities said Aftab Aslam, 19, bought a cellphone and texted his parents a story about being kidnapped, then camped for a week in an undeveloped area. But the weather turned cold and rainy and he went home.

Police said Aslam left home because he didn't want to tell his parents he was failing an English class at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Aslam is charged with making a false report and terroristic threats, along with tampering with evidence.

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