Stupid Crimes

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Well, somebody ate her brains

Police responding to a report of a shooting Thursday found a pregnant woman covered in blood and slumped over the wheel of her SUV, reports The Birmingham News in Alabama.

The woman wasn't injured, however. It turned out, she was just drunk and still dressed in her Halloween costume: a bloody, pregnant zombie.

Her "pregnancy," police said, was part of the costume.

Officers woke her and arrested her on a DUI charge.

According to The Birmingham News, the woman took the incident in stride. Her response: "It's all good."

A flaming fail

A gasoline thief in Arizona caught fire, then crashed his truck into a home.

Police say the man was using a homemade electric gas siphon when a spark from the device caught his clothes on fire.

The man stopped, dropped and rolled to try to put out the flames and then jumped into his truck to flee. But the flames spread from his clothing to the inside of his pickup.

The man bailed from the flaming truck; the vehicle kept rolling and crashed into a garage.

Scholars recreate Galileo's famous falling objects experiment

Two University of Colorado students were hospitalized after they jumped out a third-story window while trying to escape a party that was being shut down by police.

The students landed at the feet of waiting officers, reported the Daily Camera in Boulder. One student, William Gibson, was unconscious, and the other, Daniela Aguilar, suffered a broken wrist.

According to the report, when asked why she jumped, Aguilar replied, "Because I'm the golden child, and I don't want to get in trouble."

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