Swaddling Safety

April 09, 2014 AT 9:00 PM
There's no dispute swaddling has a variety of benefits. It's been shown to reduce colic and help infants sleep more soundly. But experts that the wrong kind of wrapping may lead to hip dysplasia, a term used to describe a loose or dislocated hip joint. Now, four renowned medical organizations, including the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and the American Academy of Pediatrics, are working together to promote "hip-healthy swaddling." Experts say a baby's legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips, rather than tightly wrapped straight down and pressed together. This allows for natural development of the hip joints, something a pediatrician will check for at routine well-visits. If discovered within the first three months, hip dysplasia can often be corrected with a simple harness. If not, surgery is often needed. Meet a 6-year-old girl who was diagnosed at 15 months, and has now had three corrective surgeries.