Talk about job lock! Hiring slumps again

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• Talk about job lock! Hiring slumps again
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For the second straight month, U.S. hiring was alarmingly low, this time skidding to 115,000 new jobs in January. That’s only about half of what the economy needs to add each month to keep pace with population growth. The topline unemployment number actually dropped a tenth of a point to 6.6 percent, but that’s because overall workforce participation fell again. The report shows another 90,000 people left the job market altogether. The sour statistics come on the heels of a similarly stinky report for December and at the very moment Obama Democrats are singing the praises of a smaller American workforce. The left is arguing in favor of fewer workers in the  wake of a Congressional Budget Office report that shows the labor pool shrinking by what amounts to more than 2 million workers as Americans opt against full-time employment in order to be eligible for free or subsidized health insurance. Are these reports symptoms of ObamaCare or just a perennially weak economy? That’s the debate today, and neither side is particularly flattering for the party in power.

[“A ten-year survey of millennials reveals that almost one in four (22.6%) 26-year-olds are still living with their parents.” Breitbart has the deets]

Reid recalcitrant - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Republicans remain at impasse over long-term unemployment benefits. Reid is still not allowing any amendments to his measure to resume federal welfare payments to those jobless Americans who have exhausted their state unemployment benefits. Reid twice failed to hit 60 vote thresholds needed to advance the bill Thursday as Republicans continue to refuse to cooperate unless Reid allows them to offer amendments. More.

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