Talking Points: Common languages in Maryland, pipe organ stolen from church, digital health records

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What are the most commonly spoken languages in Maryland?

According to the U.S. census, nearly 300,000 Marylanders speak Spanish, which is by far the most common language after English. Roughly 55,000 to 56,000 speak Chinese or either French or Creole French, and nearly 40,000 speak Korean. The rest of the state's 15 most commonly spoken languages include Russian, Vietnamese, Persian, Portuguese, Urdu, German, Greek, Gujarati, Italian and Hindi.

Who stole the pipe organ from a Pittsburgh church?

The organist did it. The musician, who had played the organ at St. Justin's before it merged with another a Catholic church and then closed in February, was worried the two-hundred-pipe organ would be damaged by the cold. The church pastor called the action a terrible mistake and said the church would not press charges.

Will electronic health records really save money?

Not enough, at least not in the near term, according to a new study in the journal Health Affairs. In a survey of 49 Massachusetts practices, doctors reported an initial loss of $43,743 on the investment over the first five years. Researchers found two-thirds would lose money even with the subsidies from President Obama's stimulus package. The 2009 law allocated $27 billion to help doctors and hospitals digitize their record systems.

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