Talking Points: Hunt pens, slow post offices, Arizona divorce

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Why is there a movement to outlaw hunt pens?

Hunt pens are used for staged hunts where foxes and coyotes are set loose to be pursued and killed by dogs. The pens are ostensibly used to train the dogs, and supporters say they have cover for the hunted, but activist John Edwards was so haunted by what he saw during staged hunts that he promised to do something about them, the AP reported. A coalition of wildlife groups including the North Carolina Wildlife Advocates has launched a petition to ban the practice in North Carolina, which allows competitions where the dogs are scored for their speed, efficiency, persistence and aggression. "We want this heinous, barbaric blood 'sport' banned as is dog fighting and cock fighting in the U.S.," the petition said. "In those two illegal activities, it is one on one. In hunt pens, it is packs of dogs after a coyote or fox." And when the dogs find the animals, "there is no escape."

How far behind is the Pennsylvania postal service?

In the case of at least one delivery, a calendar sent to a northeastern Pennsylvania newspaper, 63 years. The calendar and a greeting card were sent to an editor at the Scranton Times to help ring in 1950.

Why can't an Arizona man get divorced?

The divorce of Nancy and Thomas Beatie is in limbo because a judge thinks their union may be a same-sex marriage, which is neither allowed nor recognized in Arizona. Thomas Beatie garnered national media attention for giving birth to three children after having a sex-change operation.

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