Talking Points: Netflix prices, Michigan zombies, chili migraines

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Is Netflix changing its pricing again?

The company said it would introduce a $12-a-month plan that lets users receive four different streams to Web-connected devices using the same account. The move is intended to regain some of the revenue lost when multiple people use the same account to watch content at the same time. Making price changes can be dicey. Netflix lost more than 800,000 subscribers two years ago when it split its streaming and DVD-based services, effectively doubling the price for those who used both.

Was there a zombie attack in Michigan?

There were (fake) zombies stumbling around the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus as part of a classroom exercise aimed at getting School of Public Health students thinking about what to do during a disaster. Role-playing has increasingly been used to game out problems that occur during emergencies such as terrorist attacks -- revealing real problems with communications, planning and resources. And it's fun. More than 120 people showed up Tuesday to spend an afternoon with the undead. The simulation was based on a zombie-centric exercise created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Will eating chili peppers help my migraines?

Munching peppers probably won't help but scientists are studying similarities between the pain of migraines and the pain caused when chili oil touches the skin. In both cases a chemical is released that carries a pain signal from nerve to nerve. The pharmaceutical firm Amgen hopes to use the information to develop a migraine treatment that blocks reception of the chemical.

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