Talking Points: Sticky fingers, purse puppy, truly eternal

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Is it true Spider-Man is actually a thief?

Los Angeles police are indeed searching for Spider-Man, or more specifically a man in a Spider-Man costume, for stealing $6,000 from a tour company office on Hollywood Boulevard. The suspect also made off with credit card receipts. Hollywood's Walk of Fame area is popular with street performers who dress as movie characters and try to earn tips by posing for photos with tourists.

What's the story behind the purse puppy?

Pennsylvania police released a video from a Pittsburgh-area pet store of a woman stealing tiny Pomeranian puppy by stuffing it in her purse. A man is seen in the video adjusting nonworking camera -- apparently in hopes it won't record the event -- before the woman goes into the store's puppy area and swipes the wee beastie, which is worth some $700. Hampton Township police released the video Tuesday in hopes someone will recognize the couple seen in the Seahorse pet store on Route 8, just after 2 p.m. Saturday.

How do they keep an eternal flame burning when it's busted?

In the case of the eternal flame at the gravesite of former President Kennedy workers used a torch Monday to carry the flame and pass it to a temporary burner before starting repairs. Officials said the repairs are needed after more than four decades of use and will include new gas lines and more efficient burners.

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