Talking Points: Venezuelan toilet paper shortage, wearing life jackets to work, coin toss elects mayor

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What critical necessity does Venezuela have to import?

Toilet paper. Venezuela's socialist government said it will import 50 million rolls to boost supplies, following shortages of milk, butter, coffee and cornmeal.

Shoppers in the country are having trouble finding toilet paper, with one resident saying she had been looking for two weeks for a roll. And when a supermarket does receive supplies, there is a run on the rolls.

Economists say Venezuela's shortages stem from price controls.

The country's commerce minister said monthly consumption of toilet paper was normally 125 million rolls, but current demand "leads us to think that 40 million more are required."

Is it OK to wear a life jacket to the office?

Absolutely, as long as you live in Maryland. Friday is Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, an event thought up by the Maryland Natural Resources Police to promote boater safety. The agency is asking boaters to wear a personal flotation device to work. The event kicks off National Safe Boating Week, which starts Saturday.

How do you get elected mayor in the Philippines?

By a coin toss. Two candidates running for mayor got exactly the same number of votes -- twice. Marvic Feraren and Boyet Py both received 3,236 votes for mayor of San Teodoro. So the elections commission suggested the two men flip a coin five times each, which is allowed under the country's election code to break a tie.

Feraren won, but not before a second round of coin flipping.

They tied in the first round, too.

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