Talking Points: What's the best car around?

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What's the best car around?

Consumer Reports says it's the all-electric Tesla Model S, to which it recently bestowed the rare honor of a near-perfect score: 99 points out of 100. The only other car to achieve that rank was the Lexus LS. The magazine tested a $90,000 version of the Tesla, but did not recommend buying it. The car has been around only since last summer and the magazine said there's not enough data to judge its reliability.

Will a wife harpooned by her husband survive?

The Brazilian woman who was shot in her open mouth by her husband who was handling a harpoon gun cheated death by less than an inch, doctors said. The large spear went through her mouth and the back of her jaw and then lodged in her spine, but didn't sever it, according to reports from Rio de Janeiro. She was taken to the hospital and is expected to fully recover. Both the woman and her husband described the shooting, which occured in the couple's kitchen, as an accident.

Which state has the worst drought?

New Mexico. The drought has spread from one-fourth of the state, the nation's fifth-largest, to 40 percent in just one week.

The state is in its third year of drought. Following a winter with dismal snowpack, little spring rain and windy conditions have combined to leave the state's reservoirs at record lows and parts of the Rio Grande dried up in southern New Mexico.

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