Talking Points: Women and the draft, wildfires, durable goods

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For what crime did a California judge on Monday issue a death sentence?

Following a jury's recommendation, a judge ruled Monday that Rickie Lee Fowler, 31, should be executed for starting a massive wildfire in 2003 that caused five fatal heart attacks. Fowler was convicted in August of tossing a road flare into brush above San Bernardino. The fire burned for nine days across 142 square miles in the mountains east of Los Angeles. Fowler was charged in 2009 with murder and arson while serving time for a burglary conviction. Before he came to trial, he was convicted of raping a cellmate and sentenced to three terms of 25 years to life.

Do women now have to register for the draft?

Women have been exempt from the military draft historically because they weren't allowed to fight in combat. The Pentagon last week lifted the ban on women in combat, but because no one changed the draft law, the Selective Service System announced that men between 18 and 25 still must register for military service but women do not have to.

What's a durable good?

Durable goods are long-lasting manufactured products. The Commerce Department tracks orders and shipments of them because they are a sign of companies' investment plans. The products are supposed to last at least three years and include large-ticket items such as aircraft, military aircraft, machinery metals and communications equipment, among other products. In December, orders rose 4.6 percent from November, led by a 56 percent increase in military aircraft orders.

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