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Will the weather affect who becomes president?

A 2007 study published in the Journal of Politics showed that rain "significantly reduces voter participation" in elections. An inch of rain can cut turnout by nearly 1 percent, the study found. Tuesday's presidential election may not face that threat, however. Politico, which reported on the rain study, found that storms are likely only in North Carolina and parts of Florida but not in seven other swing states likely to decide the election.

How much would it cost to buy the White House?

The presidential candidates are spending $2 billion for the right to live there for four years, but the real estate website Zillow says the White House is worth a fraction of that, about $285 million. The mansion, like other Washington real estate, gained slightly in value in recent years, up from $281 million in 2008, Zillow told the Wall Street Journal. But it hasn't recovered fully from the recession. In 2006, Zillow valued the historic digs at $300 million.

Why was the New York City Marathon canceled?

Despite a record-setting storm that demolished parts of the city and neighboring New Jersey last week, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the marathon would go on as scheduled on Sunday. But the mayor backed down a day later and canceled the 40,000-runner, five-borough race because of an angry backlash from residents who said the city shouldn't be distracted from its recovery efforts.

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