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How many people have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Americans for Tax Reform, the advocacy group behind the pledge, says 238 members of the House and 41 senators have promised not to raise taxes of any kind.

The ranks of pledge supporters will thin when the 113th Congress arrives: The group says only 219 representatives and 39 senators will be signatories.

The pledge has emerged as a sticking point in the debate about the "fiscal cliff" and several Republican senators have suggested they may break their commitments.

Are gas prices higher or lower this year than last year?

AAA says the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the District is $3.52, up slightly from the same time last year when the cost stood at $3.47.

Motorists in Maryland and Virginia are paying a little less than their D.C. counterparts. The average for a gallon of regular in Maryland is $3.40, while Old Dominion gas stations are reporting an average price of $3.24.

The average for the metropolitan area is $3.40, an increase from $3.33 a year ago.

When does college football move to a playoff system?

Tired of the Southeastern Conference sending teams to college football's title game using a complicated mathematical formula that few people understand?

Don't expect any changes this year -- the winner of Saturday's title tilt between No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 Georgia is likely headed to the game to play top-ranked Notre Dame -- but the new college football playoff system begins with the 2014 season.

Under the new rules, a selection committee will pick four teams to play in a three-game playoff sequence: two semifinals and a national championship game.

Four SEC schools have won the last six national championships.

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