Tara Reid: My Partying Wasn't That Bad

March 16, 2012 AT 5:57 PM
Tara Reid is known as the girl from the original "American Pie," and even more so as being a drunk party girl. Tara is back in the spotlight because she will appear in the American Pie sequel with the original cast- titled "American Reunion." In a new interview with Access Hollywood, she says of her hard-partying ways:"It was my fault, I did it ... [but] it wasn't that bad what I did….At the end of the day, I really [just] had fun. I wasn't doing crimes. I wasn't getting in trouble like that."So just to recap, this is the girl that told Rolling Stone in 1999: "When I go out to drink, I really drink. I black out sometimes. I don't know how I manage my life when I black out but I still function and just keep going."Tara went to rehab in 2008, but has still been seen out partying afterwards. All her recent movies have flopped and this may be the reason she reportedly only getting $250,000 for her role in American Reunion, while her co-stars are getting $5 million dollars for theirs.