Tea Party 2.0: plans movement's revival

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After a disappointing primary season, the Tea Party is getting set for a revival going into the fall general elections with one of the nation's leading movement representatives, the 2.5 million member, bringing back its top strategist to run the organization.

On Tuesday, the Washington-based group announced the appointment of Niger Innis as executive director. The prominent black conservative and civil rights activist ran an insurgent House campaign in Las Vegas, Nev., but came in second.

Innis, who challenged the election results, was the chief strategist before taking leave to campaign.

“After a raucous congressional run, I’m pleased to rejoin my Tea Party family at a time when the national Tea Party groups are under attack,” said Innis.

He cited reports that the Tea Party is under assault and being slapped as ineffective for his return and bid to revive the movement. “Liberals and GOP political elites alike have simultaneously assailed the Tea Party movement as racist, radical, and now irrelevant. We owe it to every American who identifies as a Tea Party supporter -- Republican, Democrat and independent alike -- to bring the voice of the grassroots to Washington and to stand up against crony capitalism and self-serving insiders of all stripes,” said Innis.

"We need to refocus on our foundational vision: to be a vehicle of communication for grassroots Americans who feel disaffected from the political and economic elite in Washington, D.C., and New York. As we approach two crucial national elections, I hope to re-energize the grassroots, to get them off the sidelines and back in the game,” Innis added.

As part of his new role, Innis will head up two new programs targeting immigration reform and the IRS scandal: IRSAudit and Secure America Now, the group's immigration initiative.

Todd Cefaratti, founder of, said, “We’re delighted that Niger is rejoining the fight. We’ve been harassed and had our nonprofit status delayed by three years by the IRS. We’ve been condemned and written off by the mainstream media. And now our conservative movement is viewed by the Republican establishment as enemies to be marginalized and defeated, instead of the liberals who are trampling on our Constitution. These are daunting opponents, but Niger knows he is not alone. He has millions of proud patriotic foot soldiers behind him."

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