Ted Cruz calls Obama's promise a 'stuff-burger'

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During a speech Friday at a Texas Public Policy Foundation conference, Sen. Ted Cruz criticized President Obama for lying to Americans when he told them they could keep their health insurance plans and doctors if they liked them.

"It was kind of a stuff-burger," Cruz said after mocking the New York Times editorial page for saying that Obama "misspoke" to the American people.

"You know there comes a point with the left-wing media, you can't even make fun of them anymore," Cruz said. "You just simply say what they said."

Cruz added that Obama's administration was surrounded by lawlessness.

"There are many, many disturbing things that have happened under the Obama administration," Cruz said seriously, before grinning. "Texas football has gone to pot. There are lots of bad things that have happened!"

After the crowd laughed, Cruz added, "All right, it's probably not fair to blame that one on the president," Cruz added. "But we can anyway."

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