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Ted Cruz downplays 2016 speculation: ‘I’ve only been in the Senate five months’

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On Fox Business this weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz downplayed speculation that he would run for president in 2016.

“Let me be clear, Eric, I’ve been in the Senate five months,” the Texas Republican said frankly to Fox host Eric Bolling, who asked Cruz about his plans for 2016. Cruz reminded the audience that his role as a U.S. Senator from Texas was his first elected position since he was elected to his student council.

“My focus is on the U.S. Senate,” Cruz added. “The U.S. Senate is the battlefield right now.”

Cruz affirmed that he was 100 percent focused on his role in the U.S. Senate and helping Republicans win the Senate in 2014.

Cruz also explained during the interview that he had embraced his legacy as a “wacko bird,” a term that Sen. John McCain used to describe him in March.

“If standing for liberty and standing for the Constitution make you a wacko bird, then you can count me a very proud wacko bird,” Cruz grinned.

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