Ted Cruz: Enough votes in Senate to kill U.S. aid to Palestinian Authority

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, reacting to the violence in the Middle East, said that there are now enough senators ready to cut the $440 million U.S. taxpayers send to the Palestinian Authority every year.

But, he said, Democratic leaders are holding up a vote. And on Monday, Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee blocked Sen. Rand Paul's bill to cut aid, believing that it should go to committee before the full Senate.

The violence between Israel and Palestine has soared since the killings of three Israelis and one Palestinian youth. Both sides on Tuesday fired rockets into each country.

Cruz, interviewed on The Mark Levin Show late Monday night, said U.S. aid should be cut because of evidence the terrorist group Hamas is working in a “unity government” with the Palestinian authority. He criticized Hamas in a Jerusalem Post column also.

“Hamas are open terrorists,” he said. “The Palestinian Authority has now formed a so-called unity government with Hamas, with this open terrorist group,” he said.

While the State Department has denied there is a joint government, Cruz told Levin, “The U.S. should not spend a single penny to any unity government that has Hamas as a part of it. We shouldn't be sending us taxpayer dollars to fund terrorists.”

Cruz, however, said the president’s allies are stopping a Senate vote. “If we had a vote on it we probably would get a majority of senators, which is precisely why Harry Reid in all likelihood would prevent a vote. What Harry Reid does over and over again is prevent votes on anything that would put even the tiniest scrutiny on the Obama administration,” said Cruz.

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