Ted Cruz: Obama administration reminds me of Castro’s Cuba

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On “The Wells Report” radio show over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was asked about his comment about the Obama administration’s disregard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Cruz explained that it was “really unfortunate and dismaying” that the Obama administration continued to disregard the Bill of Rights in order to promote its own ideological agenda, citing the Internal Revenue Service scandal and reports of the Justice Department spying on reporters.

Cruz also cited a report about military leaders threatening to court-martial religious soldiers for sharing their faith.

“We’ve also seen that apparently the military is threatening to court martial servicemen and servicewomen who share their religious faith, which is as grave a violation of the First Amendment protection of our religious liberty as I can imagine,” he said.

Cruz added that the story reminded him of policies enforced by dictatorships, referring to a story from his grandmother, who was a schoolteacher in Cuba.

According to the story, soldiers in Cuba would ask students to close their eyes and pray to God for candy, whereupon their hands would be empty after the prayer. The soldiers would then tell the students to close their eyes and pray to Fidel Castro — whereupon their prayers were rewarded by the soldiers with candy.

“Integral to an oppressive government is undermining the faith in God and any other higher power that would distract from loyalty to the state,” Cruz explained after telling the story.

Cruz quickly clarified that America under the Obama administration was “not in nearly as bad as shape as a nation like Cuba,” but noted that it was troubling to see similar attacks on religious liberty.

Cruz reminded the audience that under the Obama administration, the IRS targeted pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-Israel groups — all of them perceived as ideologically opposed to the policies of the Obama White House.

The senator joked that it would be easier to list the Constitutional amendments respected by the Obama administration.

“You know, I’m not aware of them having violated the Third Amendment, which prohibits the quartering of soldiers in our homes, so that may be one that they’re still honoring,” he said.

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