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Ted Cruz raps Virginia's Mark Warner, calls Ed Gillespie 'friend'

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He isn't giving GOP primary endorsements, but Tea Party leader Sen. Ted Cruz calls newly-minted Virginia Senate candidate Ed Gillespie a friend, and he blasted the Republican's opponent, Democratic Sen Mark Warner.

The Texan told the Hill's Cameron Joseph: "I like Ed Gillespie, he is a friend of mine, he's a good man. That's ultimately a decision for the voters of Virginia.”

But he certainly had an opinion of Warner, the Democrat that Gillespie hopes to challenge in the fall. He told the Hill: "I can tell you Mark Warner is not listening to millions of Virginians who are hurting under the Obama economic agenda. Mark Warner is not listening to millions of Virginians who lost their job, lost their health insurance, have been forced into part-time work.”

Cruz has vowed to stay out of GOP primaries.

But their friendship is more than talk: Gillespie and his wife contributed Cruz's upstart campaign in 2012.

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