Tesla, Taxes, And Free-Market Hypocrisy

wochit business
April 07, 2014 AT 5:17 AM
Tesla Motors makes electric cars — and they must be pretty good cars because they cost $70,000. Despite selling really expensive cars, Tesla has long been the darling of the left. Nothing says “I am committed to saving the polar bears” better than driving a luxury, battery-powered car. For several years, Tesla has been in a fight with the states. Tesla does not use dealerships. It sells its cars on its website and in showrooms. Almost every state bans or limits the sale of automobiles directly to customers, which reflects the power of auto dealerships. The dealerships want you to buy your car from them because, well, that’s how they make money. And because they are wealthy and connected, they have persuaded many states to make it hard for automakers to sell directly to people. After all, if you were buying a car directly from a manufacturer, who would sponsor the local Little League teams?