The 3-Minute Interview: Larry L. Willis

DC,Kristen Byrne

Willis, whose day job is in computer security, also wrote "The Perryville Commuter," a book that gives perspective on the daily obstacles of commuting in the Washington region.

What does your daily commute look like?

I commute from Perryville, Md., to Ballston, Va. I ride a MARC train to Union Station and then Metro to Ballston. My total commute takes about three hours on a good day.

What has been your experience with commuting for the 11 years?

I've mainly had to deal with frustrations. But I think public transportation is a better way to commute. I'll take the train and Metro over driving any day. Plus the commute gives me time to prepare for work, so it's productive.

Have you seen improvements in public transportation?

I've noticed there are a lot of additional people riding the Metro. ... The MARC and Metro have done their best to accommodate these people by adding new cars.

What Metro manners do you think each commuter should keep in mind?

People should be more courteous. We are looking at the clock trying to get some place in a timely manner, but we can still try and be patient for those couple of minutes. I also think people need to be more conscious of their bags and bumping into people.

What's your most memorable experience from commuting?

There was one day where the MARC train broke down both morning and evening. It took me four hours to get to work and five hours to get home. But I think in those situations, people have to keep in mind that these things happen, and you should be prepared with an alternative route.

How would you make the daily commutes better?

I think the MARC and Metro are doing everything they can to make the commutes easy. However, I think Metro could run trains more frequently during rush hour to help with the crowding.

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