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Godwin, a native Washingtonian, is the president of the National Capital Area Garden Clubs. She currently resides in Fairfax Station and also attends the Dominion Valley Garden Club.

What sort of gardening do you do at your own home?

We learned after a while that we share the woods with so many deer that it's difficult to grow flowers because they eat everything. And the deer would eat some of our other plants too, so they would never bloom. We learned that we needed to plant native plants that are more deer-resistant.

What's your favorite thing about working for the garden club?

Meeting people that I haven't met before, or visiting the clubs, being invited to their flower shows. Just meeting all these people because they are really wonderful people of all ages.

What does the work of the garden club include?

Our mission is to provide education and resources, and we also do a lot of networking nationally with National Garden Clubs Inc., which we're a member of. We try to promote the love of gardening and love to learn how to do floral design and be responsible [toward] the environment. A lot of the clubs do youth gardening, and a number of the clubs go to senior centers.

Why should D.C. residents get involved with gardening?

It's relaxing, you can have attitude adjustment by pulling weeds, you can raise not only flowers, but also vegetables and enjoy them. I know a lot of neighborhoods in D.C. don't have a lot of space to plant, but there are community-type gardens where people can get a plot and do some of this.

Some fall gardening tips?

Plant the bulbs you ordered. Weed and weed some more! Compost your leaves.

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