The amazing and omniscient Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton wants you to know that Hillary Clinton is omniscient.

At least, that's the impression I got from reading the Washington Post's advance look at her new memoir, "Hard Choices," to be released Tuesday.

As Clinton gears up for another presidential run, one of the main challenges she faces is how to exploit the veneer of experience provided by having served as secretary of state without being blamed for any of the foreign policy failures of the Obama administration.

Evidently, her solution was to write a memoir that claims she internally opposed all of President Obama's decisions that proved problematic, but strongly supported one particular decision involving the killing of a certain tall al Qaeda leader.

According to the Post's Dan Balz, Clinton claims to have pushed for a tougher line with Russian President Vladimir Putin; to have been reticent about clearly siding with Cairo protesters over Egypt's then-President Hosni Mubarak; and to have expressed skepticism about Obama's Syria policy.

Among these decisions, Clinton also claims she had reservations about the administration taking a hard line stance with Israel on the issue of Jewish housing construction. “I was worried that we would be locking ourselves into a confrontation we didn’t need,” she writes, according to the Post.

As Noah Pollak details in the Weekly Standard, “for all her alleged opposition to the policy that launched the confrontation, no one save President Obama himself played such a prominent role in provoking it, amplifying it, and prolonging it.” In addition to public statements, Pollak highlights the March 2010 in which Clinton tore into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call, and then had the State Department press office boast about it to reporters.

Amazingly, in contrast to all the times Clinton evidently disagreed with Obama’s foreign policy moves, Balz writes, “She favored the raid that killed Osama bin Laden when some others — Gates and to some extent Biden — were skeptical. ‘I respected Bob’s and Joe’s concerns about the risks of a raid, but I came to the conclusion that the intelligence was convincing and the risks were outweighed by the benefits of success,’ Clinton writes.”

Clinton does admit a mistake by voting for the 2002 Iraq War resolution and waiting too long to express regrets, but this, too, serves her purposes. Obama was able to upset Clinton in the 2008 Democratic nomination fight in large part because because he could claim to have opposed the war from the start. So this is her way of getting the issue out of the way before the campaign even starts, especially because Iraq isn't likely to be as hot an issue in the upcoming election.

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