The Buzz: Kristen's mom belongs in 'Twilight'

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Kristen's mom belongs in 'Twilight'

Kristen Stewart's mother, Jules, could have easily taken her daughter's place as the brooding Bella Swan in the four-part "Twilight" movie series. That is, she's certainly into that kind of vampire and wolf stuff -- or at least the wolf part.

One of Jules' neighbors, Sue Bemi, had accused Kristen's mom of keeping wolves on her property in a dispute last month, TMZ reports.

Turns out, Sue was right — or half-right, to be exact.

Jules, who recently directed her first film, told Us Weekly that the wolves in question are actually wolf-hybrids.

"The honest truth about the animals is, years ago I rescued a few wolf-hybrids, and they live on a large open piece of property filled with trees. These animals are perfectly legal in the state of California," she said.

Although Jules loves her four wolves -- sorry, wolf-hybrids -- she doesn't suggest getting them as pets, as they are not allowed in all states.

"They're not pets, they're more like companions. They're loyal, they're big, they're completely socialized, they're licensed, they're legal for me to have them, and I love them!"

Now here's an idea: If Jules had named her four furry friends Jacob, Sam, Quil and Embry -- their actual names are Jack, Lily, Tommy and Lola -- they could have starred in the films with her.

So what is KStew's mom doing about her nosy neighbor? She filed a restraining order against her, saying that snooping Sue had harassed her.

"I'm a very private person and try to remain that way, but, when someone [read, Sue] threatens me, or my animals, on my own property -- I will retaliate, which is what I did by obtaining a restraining order from the superior court," she told Us.

- Elizabeth Larner

Say what?

"My wife and I were on the floor looking around for the piece of finger so we could put it on ice and haul a-- to the hospital. ... [The doctors] said [my finger's] gone. They're going to take a skin graft of the chunk of finger and then sew it back on. I asked them if they could sew my fingerprint on upside-down, just for fun."

- TV personality and motorcycle customizer Jesse James, speaking to TMZ after chopping off the tip of his right pinky finger while working in his shop

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